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    NewBlueFx VideoEssentials effects not keyframeable only in PRE!?


      hi there,


      I bought myself NewblueFX Videoessential http://www.newbluefx.com/video-essentials-ii.html


      Now with premiere there are issues concerning third party plugins.



      obviously third party plugin development for PRemiere is limited to Presets or keyframing.

      Now with Premiere elements keyframing for external plugins is not possible at all.


      I filed in a ticket asking, asking if there is a workaround.

      Quote from the newBlue Support:

      Rack Focus is keyframable on Premiere Pro. If it's not on Premiere Elements, that's because of limitations found in Elements.


      So now I have some fancy Chroma key and some Rackfocus effect which I cannot keyframe with Premiere Elements. I cannot shift to Premiere Pro.

      But without keyframing the effects are not really powerful...


      Are there not any other third party Premiere elements plugins available which are keyframeable?


      Is this really a limitation of PRemiere Elements?

      Should I file in a feature request at adobe's?



      Thanks for any hint