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    Preloading enquiry


      Ive looked through many postings on here and still havent got definite answer to my problem.

      Im using Flash 8, publish in 8 and as2

      I have the same preloading problem, as many on here, that my preloader doesnt arrive on screen until about 80-90% is loaded.

      I realise that Im using several components that require exporting in the first frame, and obviously it requires this to load before the preloader will work

      What is the definite way around this? Can I export in frame 2 instead? Would I be better having a loading.swf with preloader load the main.swf( I have 30+ movies that will be loaded into the main.swf, these also require a preloader)?

      Thanks for any help offered, but would like a definite answer to this for future consideration when building/planning projects, rather than a workaround per se.