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    Falcon Northwest Mach V for AVCHD?

    merbland Level 1

      After feedback I recieved to my post yesterday, I have decieded to junk my old sustem and get a new one.


      Does this Falcon Northwest Mach V system look OK for CS5 Master Collection and AVCHD?  Thanks for any feedback.  Yesterday, a GTX was suggested instead of a Quadro.  Is there a reason to stay away from the Quadro? Thanks for all feedback.


      Chassis:  ICON2 Black Anodized
      P/S: SilverStone 1200 Watts Modular
      MoBo: Asus Rampage III Extreme, Core i7, Socket LGA 1366, Intel X58 Chipset
      CPU:  Corei7-960 (not overclocked)
      CPU Cooling: Asetek Liquid Cooling
      Memory:  24GB, Kingston, DDR3, 240-Pin, 1600MHz (6x4GB)
      Video Card:  nVidia Quadro FX4000 2GB, w/ 256 CUDA Cores
      Sound: Creative X-Fi titanium Fatallity Champion
      Hard Drives:  3 x WD 2TB, 7200RPM Cavair Black
      Optical Drives:  LG Super Multi, 10x Blu-Ray Writer SATA
      Card Reader: ProGear XM-5U 26-in-1 Internal
      OS: Win7 Ultimate x64 with Disc

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Why the Quadro 4000? Do you need the 10 bit color? If so, good choice, if not, the GTX 570/580 is more affordable and has better hardware specs.


          Why not use on-board sound? Why Win7 Ultimate? Why not Pro, or do you need the multi-language and bit-locker capability? The water cooling may have dubious value added, a Noctua/Prolimatech may be just as good.

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            JCschild Level 3

            If not building it yourself why would you not buy from a system builder who specializes in video editing not a gaming rig..

            somewhere you can actually get support and pre install of your software.



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              merbland Level 1



              Thank you again for all the help/advice that you're providing. I agree with your comments on the Quadro/GTX and I'm back to going with a GTX580 GPU. 


              I mentioned Win7 Ult instead of Pro because the price difference I was being quoted from Falcon Northwest was negligible and bitlock security seemed OK to have for the few bucks difference.  I no longer view Falcon Northwest as my preferred supplier so this situation has changed.


              Another question about the GTX580 though. Some suppliers are suggesting the ASUS or eVGA clones of the nVidia GTX580 product.  Am I better to stick with the nVidia brand?


              And a final question on the CPU.  Does the 12MB cache on an i7-970 gain me much of anything over the 8MB cache on the i7-960? 


              Thanks,  Mardon

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                The difference between the various brands of GTX 580 cards is very small, cooler and clock speeds is where they differ, I would opt for the brand that gives you the best warranty for the price.


                The L3 cache on the 970 will help a bit, but the main difference is the 2 extra cores. But then, the 970 is more than twice as expensive as the 960, so BFTB wise, the 960 is the more attractive one. Difficult call.

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                  merbland Level 1



                  Thanks for your interest. I'm looking for a general use, everyday machine that will also perform well with CS5 Premiere and AE (as well as the other Master Collection applications). My video editing will be limited to occasional footage from my Canon Mark IV dSLR. I'm not into producing professional video, so I don't need a dedicated NLE editing system. On the other hand, I have no patience for 30 mintue clips that require over-night renders, so I want good/fast hardware.

                  Application software installation is an easy process that I'd actually prefer to do myself


                  As for post-sale support, I'm sad to say that past experience has made me a cynic in that regard. I've never found the reality of post-sale support to meet the pre-sale promises. Besides that, almost all the computer problems I've encountered have been software related and few support programs cover that. The only hardware issues I've ever encountered are defective RAM, a defective P/S, a defective GPU and defective HDs. I've been able to easily fix all of these things on my own.


                  Hope that gives you a little more insight into my situation.


                  Thanks again, Mardon

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                    JCschild Level 3


                    Sounds like you have not had the right experience.. unfortunately your experience is far too common.


                    Dedicated NLEs work fine for all around systems as well.




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                      merbland Level 1

                      Thanks again Harm.


                      This new computer will be a 'treat myself to a little gift' system, so "BFTB" is not my main criteria.  I'm interested in performance without wasteful over-building but cost will not automatically trump performance in my final decision.  With that in mind, I think I will go with the 970. 


                      Do you have comments on the memory? I'm pretty certain that I want triple channel for the i7 but what about memory speed? I'm looking at PC3-12800 (1800MHz) but some of the specs I've seen for other systems list PC3-1066 (1333MHz).  Does the brand of memory make a difference; e.g. Patriot versus Kingston? I'm also looking at non-ECC, unbuffered.  Is that better for video editing than ECC memory?


                      The 2TB Caviar Black HDs I'm planning to use come in 6Gb/s and 3Gb/s.  The ASUS RAMPAGE III Extreme MoBo will support two 6GB/s drives and the rest 3Gb/s.  If I install four internal HSs, should two of them be the 6Gb/s versions with the OS on one of them?


                      Thanks once again for your help. Mardon.

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                        JCschild Level 3

                        been awhile since i had been to falcon's site.. always did envy their flash.

                        their prices have come down a good amount. they used to be nearly 2x what we are.. (back in 98-2000 more like 3x)

                        still a tad over priced!

                        they have always built a nice box and have been around a long time. one of the few thats older than us.. very possible the oldest system builder still around.


                        should do you just fine..


                        you denfinately want DDR3 1600 anything past that is a waste, anything slower does not make sense.

                        if buying from a builder then the brand should not matter, one assumes it works as stated, building yourself it does (compatibility)

                        ram incompatibility is rampant.


                        it wont matter where you install the drives. the benchmarks for sata 300/600 are identical at this point.





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                          merbland Level 1



                          I didn't realize you were in the business until you referenced it in your most recent post.  I've sent you a message via the ADK Web Mail input form.


                          Thanks again for your interest.