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    Strange Timer class behavior


      I got following problem: when i create new Timer object with default "repeatCount" = 0 argument and fire my timer it doesn't work ! if i test it with any other value it works. Added some traces to see what's going on but everything seems to work ok so i'm confused. Here is my simple class


      public final TestService


           public function TestService():void


                _timer = new Timer(5000);



                trace(_timer.currentCount); // says 0

                trace(_timer.hasEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER_COMPLETE)); // says true




                trace(_timer.running); // says true




           private var _timer:Timer;


           private function refreshTest(event:TimerEvent):void


                trace("timer works");






      As i said when with default repeatCount=0 refreshTest function is never reached, when i change it to 1 or sth it suddenly works ! Am i missing something ?

      I know i can get around it easily but it drives me NUTS that it doesn't work like it should ! Any ideas ? i'm on flex SDK 4.1 btw but i should point when i change it to other it doesn't work either