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    How can I allow other applications to use vector image data in Flash CS5?

    nocturnal YL Level 1

      Specific to Flash Professional CS5. With its export options greatly reduced, there seems to be no way to make Flash graphics accessible by other programs. Is there any workaround?



      Currently, Flash can output two kinds of vector images: SWF and FXG, neither of which seem to be importable by most applications, including Fireworks and Illustrator (which write to FXG but not read from it), and Catalyst doesn't seem to write to anything other than what Builder uses. In other words, I know no way to export Flash files to vector formats (besides using Flash CS4).

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          Tejodhar Atreya U Level 1





          It says :


          Director supports a wide variety of graphic formats. Vector  graphics are supported as native vector shapes (#vectorShape) or as  Flash SWF files. Vector shapes are created in Director using the Vector  tool. Often, developers need to import art created in an illustration  application such as Macromedia FreeHand, Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.  However, EPS, AI, FH9 and CDR file formats are not natively supported  in Director and cannot be imported without the use of an Xtra or  plug-in.

          It is possible to save artwork created in Macromedia FreeHand as a  SWF file, which can then be imported into Director. For Adobe  Illustrator and CorelDRAW users this can also be accomplished using the  Macromedia FlashWriter plug-in for Adobe Illustrator or the CorelDRAW  Exporter. These plug-ins are available for free download at the Flash Download Center for registered users of Illustrator and CorelDRAW.

          EPS files may also be imported into Director using a third-party  Xtra. The PS2VS Xtra from Moshofsky/Plant Creative Services for Director  7 and 8 works on both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. The Xtra  can be downloaded from the Moshofsky/Plant PS2VS Web page.  The current version converts Adobe Illustrator (EPS and AI files) and  Macromedia FreeHand EPS files to Director 8 #vectorShapes.

          Note:The PS2VS Xtra is a third-party product and is NOT supported by Macromedia or Macromedia Technical Support.


          Will this work ?



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            nocturnal YL Level 1

            But if Director is unable to output the #vectorShapes to formats accessible by other programs, that will be useless.


            Currently, there are no globally-agreed standard of vector graphic, with browsers using SVG, Adobe Flash (CS5 or later) using FXG, offlice applications (such as Acrobat) using EMF/WMF/EPS and so on. My goal here is to find a way to convert Flash graphics into the third category, preferrably WMF.


            I just don't understand why the Flash team considered import/export options "obsolete".