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    linking database items to other database items


      I know I'm probably posting a question that has been already asked and answered,

      but I would like not to re-invent the wheel.


      I have used Flash Catalyst to create a data list component.  I have successfully connected

      this component to a database within Flash Builder:




      Now, I'm wanting each of these items to display other data when selected, especially images, from a database.

      For example, if the user clicks LT75 from this list, I want to display an image, a description, etc., which also

      grabs data from the database.  I have read that it is better practice to place pointers on the database that

      gives a path to the images that I want displayed.  I have this data list connected using a PHP class.  I thought

      about using an XML file, but I wasn't sure if I could use two services at the same time.  I would prefer to

      only have to use the one PHP service, if that's possible.  All the videos and references that I have found only

      give directions or tutorials in linking a single data list.  I would appreciate any feedback or any references

      to links.  Thanks!