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    Problem externalizing endpoint URL

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      Ala Coenraets (http://coenraets.org/blog/2009/03/externalizing-service-configuration-using-blazeds-and-lc ds/), I created an xml file to hold my URL so I can move to different servers without having to recompile.


      This works great when I test it in Flash Builder. However, when I deploy it the swf can no longer find my config file when it tries to read it from my HTTPService call.


      I've tried making a 'config' folder under my project's src package to hold my server-config.xml file: This should have the same path structure as the 'assets' folder I have image files in, and when I do a release build I do indeed see a 'config' folder with server-config.xml in it. However, referencing it the same way I do for my 'assets' folder: 'config/server-config.xml' does not work (cannot find file).


      Please help !!!