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    Loading AS3 swf files in SwfLoader

    infosp1501 Level 1

      Hello to all,


      I'm facing a problem with AIR :

      Using a swfLoader component to load swf files written in AS3, everything works correctly when the loaded swf file does not contains components such as textarea, list or button.

      I they do, i get the following message :

      SecurityError: Error #2070: Security sandbox violation: caller file:///C:%5CUsers%5Cbruno%5CAdobe%20Flash%20Builder%204%5CNot_tempo%5Cbin-debug/var_nott empo/usu.swf cannot access Stage owned by app:/Not_tempo.swf.
          at flash.display::Stage/requireOwnerPermissions()
          at flash.display::Stage/addEventListener()
          at fl.core::UIComponent/callLaterDispatcher()


      I've tried various combinations of LoaderContext

      applicationdomain and securitydomain without result.


      Can anyone help me pls?


      Thks in advance.


      Best regards.