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    Movie Clips Glitching: Vanishing in pieces

    EranthisAconite Level 1

      It's not my flash program so much so that it's the file I have. I have several movie clips with identifyer names and these clips later on started appearing in their preview images with big chunks just disappearing from the picture. Every time I move to another library name and back to the movie clip, it'll be cropped in different ways.


      Then I tried to make another movie clip and the same thing happened when I was making it. Rather in preview images, the movie clip itself was chipping segments off randomly and suddenly, the workspace was just white with nothing in it. My entire original game document has no movieclips in it now and I also found a random debug file in my folder out of nowhere.


      At a different computer, there was an error that stated something about flash has no room or so on and my computer has PLENTY of room so I'm guessing the game file has it's problem. Input plox.