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    How to experiment at no cost?


      I was trying to learn how the features of the form services attend my needs to place a test to my students. And I did a couple of forms and was cut off. What I want to do is to create a simple test and then grade my students out of that. The grading procedure has three options true, false or don't know. If the response fits the pattern the respondent gains one point, if it fails to match it looses half point and if they don't the grade is zero for that question.


      Is there a possibility to figure out if the tool fit my needs with out having to pay to do that....?

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          bob.treitman Employee Moderator

          Our Free account allows you to create a single form and collect up to 50 responses on it. If you have already created one form, you can delete it and start a new one.

          You can add columns to the Results table that would contain the true answers and then you could add columns that would have formulas like:

          IF(A=B,1,-0.5). Where A is the column with the correct answer and B is one with the student's answer. Is this what you are trying to do?

          The formula would get a little more complex with the "Don't Know" option, but it's doable by nesting the IF() statements.

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            QL16 Level 1



            that's really of great help I'll go back, delete previous form and follow

            recommended steps.


            thanks THANKS so very much!!!



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              bob.treitman Employee Moderator

              If you need help on writing the formula, take a look through our help docs.

              If you still can't figure out how to do it, give a holler here telling us where you got stuck.

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                QL16 Level 1



                It is pretty reassuring to get such an incredible response and prompt help!


                I'll report my progress on this by Saturday, April 9th (I need to make this

                kind of reminders for myself...to make sure that I get new things going!!)



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                  QL16 Level 1

                  I re did my form with one question with three choices of response ... like this...


                  The color of the white horse of Napoleon was white:

                  a) true

                  b) false

                  c) blank


                  meaning if the response is true the respondent gains one point, if false it looses minus 0.5 points and if the response is blank the result is zero.


                  1) how to insert the function that will allow to get those kinds of results ... I guess I need to use a double nested IF right?

                  2) where to place the pattern of response to be compared with respondent choice?

                  3) how to place a list of e-mails to send the form to?

                  4) would the system generates a personalized link for each of the forms to be sent to its destinataries?



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                    bob.treitman Employee Moderator

                    You could do it with a nested if statement, or with an additional column/field in the Responses table.

                    Here's one way to do it:


                    If you view the responses, you'll see that I added two columns (D and E) to the table that was automatically created as part of the form.

                    Column C holds the respondent's Answer

                    Column D holds the correct answer (in this case 'True').

                    Column E tests to see if the responder's answer is blank (""), in which case the value is 0, or if it matches the Correct Answer (in which case it's 1), otherwise it's -0.5).

                    = IF(C = "", 0, if(C = D, 1, -.5))


                    In other words:

                    if Answer is blank,

                    then 0,


                      If Answer=Correct,

                       then 1,

                       else -0.5,



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                      QL16 Level 1



                      Indeed I saw the what you did and the formula indeed works.


                      I realize that as a consequence of the responses a form is created with the

                      output of the survey, and then you include the required columns to treat the

                      output content in this case with a response pattern and a formula to do the

                      grading. So that's powerful and I don't need to do it on the spreadsheet.


                      I guess I am not familiar yet with the mechanisms yet that moves from the

                      form I already created to the reach the output form. How to do to test

                      responding the questions and afterworth find the location of the output



                      Next issue... I suppose I can apply a list of e-mails to distribute the

                      questionnaire, but could the links be personalized?


                      thanks again for your wonderful help,



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                        I just created a link and pasted, but I need to send that to over 50 people

                        and I would like to send a personalized link to each of them and to send all

                        the messages at one time...?

                        and that I could not find the way of doing... is there a way?



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