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    Help with After Effects

    Jules NYC

      I just upgraded to PP CS4 to CS5 Premium with After Effects and Photoshop.  I'm trying hard to figure things out but I'm unfamiliar with these programs and have no idea where to begin to learn.  I've tried watching various tutorials, but they skip over basics, and unfortunately, that's what I need.  I


      Can anyone recommend a really good book or video or something to get me started?  I know there's so much to learn and I'm so eager to learn it all.  However, I don't even know how to get the footage from CS5 to After Effects.


      One more question - I'm working on a video right now in CS5. The girl in the video has rosacea and I want to take the red out of her face.  Is this possible in After Effects?  If so, can someone please tell me how to go about doing it - or suggest a tutorial that deals with such an issue?


      Thank you so much,