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    Interactive charts in ASP.NET web application

      I am looking for some guidance on the way to go for achieving the task described below.

      I am working on a project to generate various statistical reports for Revenue managers. The application is aimed to be a browser based application. The reports shall be interactive with all the functionalities like annotations, dynamically changing the range of the x-axis and a report-click should take the user to a new report/web page, context menus, multiple reports on the same page - charts and matrix/tabular.
      My boss is envisioning the applications to have interactive charts just like those you find on the Yahoo Finance website. http://finance.yahoo.com/charts, which seem to have the Flash player for the presentation.

      1. We currently have a ASP.NET web application and the new report functionality will be incorporated there. Is it possible to develop the client components using Flex (MXML and ActionScript) for rich presentation of the reports and iteractivity and have those components talk to the Server components built in ASP.NET/C# for business logic and Data access to SQL Server.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          I not understand what you want to do, but right now i work in a project using ASP.NET 2.0 as backend, and FLEX, and my database are in MS SQL 2005 and 2000, and i dont have any problem with that, please explain more and tellme if you need some special functionality, if you want to do some thing like this, maybe i can help you.

          My current project do the most singular tasks like, send and recive data, show charts, print crystal reports.