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    Using "optional parameters" or proprietary TLV's with ColdFusion SMS Gateway

      We have a CFMX Enterprise installation running 702 with the hotfixes installed (running on Windows 2003 server) and we have a working connection to an SMSC.

      We can send and receive SMS messages fine.

      We have been able to pass Optional Parameters (TLVs) that are defined in the CF documentation.

      However, our SMSC provider requires 'charge_type' with various binary values (example '0x000') to be passed in the Optional Parameters section of the SMS PDU - as well as some other data. These TLVs seem to be either new to the SMS spec. or proprietary to the SMSC provider.

      I would like to keep my solution within the ColdFusion gateway solution that we already have working and are VERY happy with (and not call custom Java classes just to send one type of message)...

      Does anyone have a way to pass custom optional parameters to the SMS PDU using the CF SMS Gateway?