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    Put an existing app on Android devices




      I'm sort of breaking in here as i have not been to this forum in years. (I'm old - approaching 70)


      I designed sofware to learn the alphabet and numbers using Flash. I DID NOT do the Flash work. Someone else did that. I am a poet. Also a candidate for US president. Here is the issue: The Flash sotware running my alphabet-learning application has never been updated. I have an .exe on the web site, and i have some .fla files that indicate they are final versions. This was done in 2006 or thereabouts.


      The kid who did this never made a penny because i am a terrible marketeer, and i cannot get ahold of him. He certainly deserves something for all his work!


      I want to put my software on to all the android devices, for sale as a learning application to teach little kids the alphabet and numbers world wide. So what do I have to do to do this? Have the software accessed in .fla by someone running the latest version of 10.2 Flash? The software is super beautiful and it belongs on mobile devices!


      I use three dolphins to teach the alphabet and numbers and millions of copies could be sold in China which would be great for our balance of payments besides my bank account.


      Would someone tell me how or what i have to do?


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