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    Arraycollections Problem


      Hi i'm having some problems with Arraycollections. here is what my intention is and what i'm doing


      What i want:  I want to send some information from the flex ui to a java class . and save this info in a data base.


      What i'm doing:


      I'm packing the info into a Arraycollection(it consists of an 2-D integer array and a String array).
      Sending  it to a java class using remote object. I'm using  flex.messaging.io.ArrayCollection package to use Arraycolelction to  recieve that data in java class


      Problem:  I want o extract the  integer array and String array from that ArrayCollection so that i can  use it to store them in DB.


      Am i doing anything wrong?? Is there any alternate way like storing the whole Arraycollection as it is in DB