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    Reader X signature validation with Reader 8 and 9


      Hi all,


      we are using digital X.509 certificates to sign documents electronically with Adobe Reader. For a short time, some users are reporting that signature validation fails with Reader 8, 9 but only for signatures placed with new Reader X. Reader X on the other hand validates all signatures correctly, even those placed with version 8 or 9. Does anybody know why?


      Thanks a lot, Oliver

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          ManishPali Adobe Employee

          have you tried with Reader X protected mode "OFF"?

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            str4559 Level 1

            Hi ManishPali,


            thanks for your quick reply. I'm not sure that I understand what you mean. I guess your recommended solution applies to Adobe X only, but again signature validation fails in Adobe 8 and 9.


            I will try to explain what we are actually doing:

            We are collecting several signatures on the same document from several people in a workflow process. The problem is, that they are all using different versions of Adobe Reader to place their individual digital signature on the document. So for example a document may have been signed first in Adobe Reader 8 or 9 and afterwards from another person using Adobe X. If now someone opens the document with Reader 8 or 9 and tries to validate the signatures the process fails with an exception for the 2nd signature (placed with Reader X) but the first one is ok. Furthermore it is also not possible to open the signature properties dialog to review certificate details of the 2nd signature. If the same document will be opened in Adobe X both signatures are validated and displayed correctly.