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    Localization and dataprovider won't work ???




      I have a List component that is filled with ArrayList (or bindable as3 variable). The label element have to be translate if i push a button for this exemple.


          <fx:Object label="{resourceManager.getString('i18n', 'strawberry')}" data="0"/>
          <fx:Object label="{resourceManager.getString('i18n', 'pear')}" data="1"/>



      What is inside my function when i push the button (test).

      ResourceManager.getInstance().localeChain = ["fr_CH"];



      Nothing is translated.... I already tried to use a [Bindable] variable with datas inside but still no reaction.


      In a simple VBox is working...


      <mx:VBox id="testVBox"
          label="{resourceManager.getString('i18n', 'pear')}"



      Someone can help me please ?

      Thanks in advance.