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    Support for 3D .MTS AVCHD files encoded with MVC




      I've been trying to import 3D footage from Sony's new HDR-TD10 3D camcorder, but Premiere only shows the left-eye image. The camera uses AVCHD with MVC (Multi View Coding) to store two 1080i images in one file. MVC is backwards compatible with regular AVCHD, so I guess that's why Premiere only recognises the left-eye image. My question is whether anyone knows a workaround to get acces to both images?





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          racer_300m Level 1

          I'd be interested as to what others suggest about this as well. I'm almost 100% sure that you're not going to be able to edit that footage in PP at the moment.

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            Colin Brougham Level 6



            Do you have a small sample you could upload somewhere? I've got some ideas of how to pull the streams out and edit them concurrently, but I admit that I don't know how you'd get them back into 3D format If you can post a short clip, please PM me.

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              Cowbow Pirate

              I've been doing a lot of pre-release searching for information about editing 3D MVC files from the HDR-TD10. (I am amazed you have one. Everyone says the earthquake in Japan delayed deliveries by 2 months?) Did you order from Sony directly?


              The only software (ATM) that will handle, but possibly not even "edit" 3D MVC files, is the software included with the camera. Even that software is very Beta. In fact, a Sony rep. at CES (interview can be found on YouTube) told the audience that the "camera should be for fun," not serious editing ATM.


              I should also note that the supplied software only works in a Windows format, not in Apple. Therefore, any Apple (FCP for example) will not edit this footage. I seriously doubt any Adobe software will edit 3D MVC files. I am assuming the 3D MVC files (not just 2D MVC as there is a difference) will need to be compressed into a single data stream AVCHD file before most common movie software will allow the user to incorporated / edit. This is obviously down the road. There are some concerns that if the separate data streams cannot be separated, there may be serious limitations to 3D MVC.


              I have researched several editing software companies who are actively pursuing editing capabilities for the 3D MVC footage. If, and when, I receive the camera, I will just hold on to the AVCHD files unit additional editing software become available.



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                Eric_van_B Level 1

                Thanks for the info. I haven't bought the camera, I'm a member of the press and I've got an early sample for review. Didn't get any documentation or software with it, so I'm learning as I go.


                Sony told me there will be an update / plugin for Vegas which will allow you to edit the footage in 3D, but I'm a Premiere user, so that's no use to me.




                Eric van Ballegoie


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                  Cowbow Pirate Level 1

                  Thanks for the update. I heard the same thing aboutSony Vegas software.


                  I believe this company is also working on a solution: http://www.noiseindustries.com/dashwood/


                  Bummer to hear that the camera you have is not from a recent shipment. I was almost excited. Rumor is that the official release date has been moved from April 15th, to late summer or fall due to the earthquake.



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                    it will depends your workflow, but the simplest is to convert MVC to left/right avi. You can do that with the MVC to AVI converter from 3DTV.AT.

                    once done, you can either edit 2D and generate both view by swapping files or choose to edit 3D with some codec like cineform.

                    Editing 2D is easy and let you focus on the story. when ready with the left view, you just swap files with the right side , delete preview files and reopen project.

                    then simply recompile the project to generate the right side movie.

                    with stereomovie player (also from 3DTV.AT) you can check you movie in 3D.

                    The next step will depends the media you will store your movie on, knowing that regular blu-ray with forced manual 3D will require side by side or top/bottom conversion (with squeeze) and going back to MVC will require downscaling to 720p (so deinterlace necessary) to keep frame rate. (blu-ray allows only 1080p in 24p)

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                      Lazling Level 1

                      I found a relevent thread that talks about the 3D MTS footage in Adobe Premeiere Pro, It explains the reason the reasons for the editing issue and outlines the solution to importing and edting 3D AVCHD MTS files in Adobe Prmeire Pro smoothly keeping original quality. Although it doesn't seem to be a best fix, but it works. I will find a optimal one and share with you later.