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    Render XHTML/CCS/Javascript to an embedded browser component




      I am trying to create a website where I need to be able to render external web content (XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash) and display them in a scalable browser component embedded into my site. I would need to retain the ability to interact with the site content i.e. links etc.


      Essentially like a resizeable browser-within-a-browser, but implemented in an object like a flash component. Similar to the way a flash-based movie player works, but instead of video the displayed content should be the external site.


      If it is possible to embed an AIR component into a website (I know that kind of defeats the purpose of AIR) and use the webkit implementation to achieve what I describe, or perhaps some other solution is more viable?


      I hope someone can help poínt me in the right direction. Many thanks.