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    Footage looks corrupt when imported into After Effects

    mikerobertchalmers Level 1

      Hi folks,


      My usual workflow involves starting an edit in FCP and exporting sections that I want to add something to in AE, rendering them out and importing back in to FCP.


      I have recently got a Sony EX3 and have run into a problem after the first shoot:


      When bringing a clip in to AE from FCP, I start a new comp and it looks fine - but scrub forward a little and the clip is mostly green. It's like artifacts that take up the vast majority of the comp. Often there are a few squares which are not green (I've attached an image of this). After that it's basically fully green, with some of the image barely visible, like some sort of find edges effect.


      Footage SEEMS to be fine if I drag in the .mov files (before FCP), but I am exporting Quicktimes from FCP using the same settings and codec..


      Can anyone help me out? I can provide more info if I'm not being clear..




      Mike ChalmersPicture 1(2).png