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    Nested Groups and Design View Problem


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      I created a VGroup component with variable height and width. In this VGroup I have added other components like Vgroup, HGroup and Panel Window. In the attachment you can see my tree structure.

      Level 1: HGroup hGrouptTop and hGroupBottom

      Level 2: VGroup vGroupTopLeft and vGroupBottomLeft

      Level 3: Panel panelWindowVP and panelWindowContacts


      At this level I created a data grid, here it is dgVP.


      But  I also created one more VGroup Level, here innerVGroupContacts and put another data grid, here dgContacts.




      I wanted to define the fontSize of these dataGrids dynamically, so I created a Bindable variable and tried to attach to datagrids. The Flash Builder accepted this dynamic value in the data grid at level 3, dgVP. But in level 4, dgContacts, the Flash Builder did not recognize this dynamic value. The auto suggest worked for the datagrid dgVP but not for dgContacts.


      Although the Flash Builder did not suggest the bindable value, I added the bindable value, but the design mode broke and did not show anything. I was able to compile the app and it worked with dynamic values, but in Flash Builder I could not use the design mode anymore.


      Does Flash Builder have a problem to bind dynamic values in nested elements?