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    Pixel Aspect Ratio

    GESYMSB Level 1

      Hello Folks, I got a little problem related to "Pixel Aspect Ratio"

      This is what happen.


      I create a picture on Photoshop CS5 Extended using the 1.21 ratio for Widescreen.

      I save the picture.


      When I load the picture on Premiere Pro CS5 they show as 0.91

      If you right click the picture on Premiere Pro to see the properties, it will show 0.91


      So, for each picture or photo I have to:

      1.Right-click the still image in the Project panel.
      2.Select Modify > Interpret Footage.
      3.Select an option in the Pixel Aspect Ratio section, and click OK.
      4.Conform To 1.21 Widescreen Format.


      Is there a way Premiere Pro can automatically conform all the pictures ? 

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          shooternz Level 6

          Modify>Interpret Footage> PAR

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            GESYMSB Level 1

            Do you mean there is such a set-up on the main project setup ?


            I am new to CS5 ( Was using CS3 )


            What is interesting is that if the same picture is saved as "psd"

            from Photoshop CS5 Extended, premiere Pro will display it properly !


            ( But not if jpg format )   

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              Hi, I have the same problem, not with photoshop graphics but with original DV material. After capturing in CS5 it is stored in the project window with wrong aspect Radio (4:3) although it is original 16:9 material and it is captured in a 16:9 Matrox DV PAL Project. Doesnt' even matter, if I use a Native Premiere Project 16:9.  I can change it with the mentioned Interpret Footage Button but that can not be right way that each clip that is captured has to be changed manually by "interpret Footage". Captured in CS3 the same material is handeled correctly. Why not in CS 5 ? Isn't there any possibility that CS5 is handling SD Material in the right Aspect Ratio itself ??

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                GESYMSB Level 1

                In my case, so far no problem with videos, but every " jpg " picture from Photoshop
                saved in widescreen, have to be changed with the Select Modify > Interpret Footage.


                What is weird, is that the same picture saved in PSD, shows perfect !


                And I have not found anywhere on the Project Settings to set globally.


                I can't find what shooternz said, any where on Project Setting.


                Maybe he didn't understood the question.


                Do you know anything about that, so don't need to be done

                to every single picture as I indicated before.... ?




                ( PS: Like you said, never had that problem with CS3 )

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                  Jeff Bellune Level 5

                  Select *all* of your images at once, and then go to Modify | Interpret Footage.



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                    GESYMSB Level 1

                    Thanks Jeff, I guess that's the only way.


                    I still wondering why the same picture in PSD format shows Ok ?



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                      shooternz Level 6

                      Premiere needs to understand the  Photoshop PAR in context of the Sequence.


                      Therefore it "interprets the PAR from PS.  It's simply matching the source to the sequence.


                      You could also have done it at the PS start of your workflow by choosing a New PS file that matched your Video Sequence.  eg DV, HDV, DVCPRO etc..