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    Need to produce all webhelp files as UTF-8 No BOM - RH-7 does not do that.

    rschwarz100 Level 1

      RoboHelp 7 seems to produce some HTML files  and javascript files (*.js) in ANSI European encoding. My company needs all the webhelp code to be UTF-8 no BOM. The webhelp is managed through Perforce.

      I tried on my own to use FAR 4.3 to change the encoding from ANSI to UTF-8 no BOM for all of my htm and js webhelp files for a particular webhelp – I used Auto-detect using BOM signature. FAR changed the files to UTF-8 with BOM. I tried to turn off the BOM by converting with Assume UTF-8 if no BOM signature – that did not work at all (FAR assumed all files were already UTF-8 and did not convert them).

      Is there some way to change this in RoboHelp 7? Can RoboHelp 9 solve this problem?

      If not, is there a post webhelp production solution that can convert all the webhelp in one “batch?”