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    How to PDF MicroSoft Home Publishing documents?


      I am using MicroSoft Home Publishing 2000 and have Windows Vista Home operating system.

      I have downloaded the free Adobe Reader and can pdf any MicroSoft Office document but cannot pdf MicroSoft Home Publishing document. 

      It is prompted me to buy Adobe software.  Does anyone have information on this ?  Do you have to buy a certain type of Reader in order to convert home publishing documents? Thanks,

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Adobe Reader does not provide a conversion to PDF feature or a virtual printer, and while you can print to PDF with Adobe Acrobat there is no export feature for Home Publishing 2000 files.


          The Acrobat.com online services such as CreatePDF do not support  Home Publishing 2000 files in their upload modes, but CreatePDF does offer a virtual printer application for subscribers. Printing to PDF won't retain any of the accessibility structure of your files, it will just keep the visual representation of each page.