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    This swf may not playback correctly


      I keep getting this when i go to insert a swf in Powerpoint 2007. It plays back but it is choppy and i can not put it under user control, pause, etc. The swf is in action script 2 and created in both CS3 and CS%, bith same issue. . I contacted support and they told me the swf was not created correctly but they could not tell me what i am doing wrong - Please if you have any info it would be greatly appreciated!!!

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          robva65 Level 2



          One of the very first things you need to check is the FPS setting of the Flash file you've created.  If you have anything less than 30 FPS, you'll run into problems for sure.


          Additionally, even if you're using the latest versions of the Creative Suite, you MUST publish your Flash file using Actionscript 2 (yeah, I know, you already mentioned that) AND I would strongly recommend using Flash Player 6 as your publishing method.


          As counter-intuitive as that sounds, I've seen lots of problems with SWF files that aren't configured properly when inserted into a PowerPoint deck.  The above settings have worked for me over the last 4 years working in Presenter.







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