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    Iphone Google Map API - Help


      The following code works on normal AS3 flash but it doesent work on Iphone Flash development mode.


      It give me error saying: Initialization failed: please specify an application URL.

      I dont know what URL to specify and where :/




      import com.google.maps.LatLng;
      import com.google.maps.Map;
      import com.google.maps.MapEvent;
      import com.google.maps.MapType;


      var map:Map = new Map();
      map.key = "ABQIAAAApkmNSJpC49fkQkcb1h0ovxSx_FwLnkP72HfPKwY8StCe4Gi_CRQQnommWR_N3mMF8keBtqGud0x0rA";
      map.sensor = "true";
      map.setSize(new Point(stage.stageWidth, stage.stageHeight));
      map.addEventListener(MapEvent.MAP_READY, onMapReady);


      function onMapReady(event:Event):void {
        map.setCenter(new LatLng(40.736072,-73.992062), 14, MapType.NORMAL_MAP_TYPE);