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    After a week using Adobe Reader 10


      One of the things I've always enjoyed about Reader is that I never have to think about it. It just works.

      When 10 asked me to download it last week I did right away. Now I wish that hadn't been the case.

      Can't find a roll-back in my Programs Folder. My experience has been :

      First there was a message that I could only use it so many times and then I'd have to pay for it. (Caught a glimpse as I hit OK - not sure of the actual words there!) Today I've been testing another application that opens a pdf from a stored location. Got a strange error message (not found in the forums - only only one found on Google) saying that there is a problem with Adobe Reader and I should close it and start again. ? Closing and restarting was less than successful and I discovered someone had tweeted that exact message.

      Fortunately, by combing through these forums I found the answer. Go to Edit > Preferences > General and uncheck the "Enable Protected Mode at Startup" box. There's a warning. Then I closed the program, ended it in Task Manager and retried my other application.