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    Updated .CHM Versions Not Staying Around

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      RH8, Parent/multiple children, everything local to my machine.


      Running into a bizarre issue:


      I have a current child .chm that's dated 2009. I update the content and update it. This runs correct and shows today's date (2011).


      Update parent .chm, just in case.


      Run parent .chm to verify results. When this occurs I can see in real-time one of the updated children chms revert back to the previous version. By revert I mean:


      It re-displays the previous modified date in Windows Explorer (2009).

      It has the information that was deleted from the previous version and should not be in the new, 2011 version of the .chm.


      This is also occuring to modified chms if I modify another chm. IE if I modify child1 and build it, I can see in real-time child2 or child3 revert back.


      Only consistent behavior is that this happens one .chm file at a time, and so far the parent .chm seems to have "stuck" - it is not displaying this bizarre reversion behavior that the child .CHMs are.


      I've tried deleting and remaking the links in the parent, but this doesn't work. Nor have I experienced this before (until recently we were on RH7).