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    Is Director right for me?


      I am a software trainer who creates a lot of elearnings (using Captivate).  I teach people how to use certain customer service software.  I want to create games for the software that I teach, and I am wondering if Director is the right choice.  Kind of like creating a fun, interactive game to teach Excel or PowerPoint.  I'm thinking of creating a game of simulated customer interaction where students have to use my customer service software to answer their questions and help the customer.


      I'm good with computers, but I am a trainer, not a programmer.  Do I need a background/understanding in computer programming to use Director?  If Director is not the right choice, does anyone have any suggestions?



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          Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional


          Director can certainly do what you want. Are you looking to have these game/training modules as self contained applications that run off the user's hard drive or CD? Or would you wnat them to be delivered online?


          Director is a very powerful multimedia authoring application, capable of creating rich presentations, games and a wide range of other products. You can create sophisticated content without extensive programming expertise.

          The choice of Director over another product depends on what you want to output. Another consideration is the price. Lastly, manyusers aren't developing big new projects with Director because Adobe haven't been forthcoming with future plans for the product. I am trying to change that.


          My advice to you is - download Director, play around with it. Ask questions. And see how it suits what you're doing.