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    Automatically deauthorize ADE?


      We're using ADE in a public library environment in conjunction with Overdrive.

      Is there a way to automatically deauthorize ADE?  Perhaps via script?


      Our public machines have reservation software and the goal is to have ADE automatically deauthorize itself after each session.  This will put our patrons in a position to enter their personal Adobe ID if they desire to use Overdrive to download media to their ebook readers.


      Since media is attached to the specific ID and the device needs to be authorized with the same ID to access the downloaded media, we can't have the copies of ADE setup with a dummy account.  If we did this, the DRM would prevent the end user from being able to access their other protected media when their device is reauthorized with the dummy ID.


      So, can we automate this process?  Having ADE start up without any authorizations will resolve the potential issue we're seeing when our public computers are used as download stations.