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    problems using wordpress within Contribute site


      I designed a static HTML site with the intention that the client can make updates with Contribute. Then we decided to add a blog. I set up the blog in WordPress and customized the theme to look like the rest of the site.The main site would be updated in Contribute and the blog would be updated directly through WP (not Contribute).


      Now the permissions in the WordPress folder are screwed up so I can't upload media files, change permalinks, etc. Is this because of Contribute? If so, can I hide that folder from Contribute somehow so it's not affected? Here are the links.


      Main site:






      As you can see the Contribute site is on the root in the public_html folder and the Wordpress folder is contained on that same level.


      I haven't been able to find any resources to help me figure this one out. I'm desperate! Can someone please tell the best way to proceed?


      Thanks in advance.