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    Reader X dissappearing display objects


      This is apparently a known problem but somehow it is difficult to find information about it in the forums.


      * Acrobat Reader X can become unresponsive, misses refreshes, and various objects related to the find dialog dissappear.

      * Windows taskmanger shows that when the the Reader X find dialog is open, the GDI object count steadily increases. The count can reach many thousands (over 9,900 observered on ocassion) which can crash other apps and cause OS instability depending on the Windows version and update level.

      * There are numerous accounts of this on the network and it seems to affect all versions of windows.

      * It appears to be a known issue at Adobe (chuckles here, as a resource leak is a fire inside a quality development organization). It may be promised in the 10.1 release under development.



      Is this issue slated to be fixed in Reader 10.1?

      When is Reader 10.1 expected to be rolled out?



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