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    Changing focus from textfields to buttons

    bknysh Level 1
      I have a movie with a series of screens. Each page has 3 text fields plus a Previous and Next button. For fast data entry I've setFocus on the first text field of each page so the user doesn't need to click on the textfield with the mouse to start entering data. The user can then tab through the next text fields to enter the data. Once the user finishes typing into the 3 textfields, they will usually click the Next button to go to the next page of three textfields. Occasionally they may press the Previous button, or other menu buttons.

      For fast data entry, users want to leave the mouse pointer over the Next Button while typing into the text fields. They type "textfield1", hit tab, type "textfield2", hit tab, type "textfield3", then click on the mouse to go to page 2, and so on through the pages. There is no mouse movement needed. Just keyboard entry, tab, and mouse click.

      The problem is: if the user types into textfield1, then clicks on the mouse, the Next button works. Once the user presses the Tab Key to get to the second textfield and third textfield, the mouse click is no longer detected. The user must move the mouse to get focus for the button to work. I tried changing focus to the Next button once they complete textfield3, but then they can't click on the Previous or other menu buttons. I also tried setting focus to Null, but that doesn't work either. The Tab Key seems to take detection away from the mouse in a way that only moving the mouse can regain detecting the mouse click.

      Is there some way to undo whatever the tab key does in taking control from the mouse, so the mouse doesn't need to move before detecting a mouse click over a button?