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    UIComponent validator question

    huangxinghui Level 1

      i use flex 3.5 sdk


      i have a textinput and have several validations on it, then i want click a button named "Reset" to reset the textinput content and clear the red border


      i do like this


      textInput.text = "";
      textInput.errorString = "";


      this is wrong, because in UIComponent.as, add two array errorObjectArray and errorArray to control the validatorResult


      so i add a function in UIComponent.as like this


       * reset the errorString
      public function validationResultReset():void
          if (errorObjectArray != null)
              errorObjectArray.splice(0, errorObjectArray.length);
              errorArray.splice(0, errorArray.length);
          errorString = "";


      then change call


      textInput.text = "";


      i feel this is not a good solution, someone give me a suggestion.


      Thanks a lot