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    Burrito and Hero SDK 4.5 - missing packages!




      I'm very new to Flash development and just adjusting to ActionScript. I have two objectives I need to accomplish here as I evaluate Air for our needs. First, StageVideo as we want to support GPU acceleration. Second, reading from files on disk.


      On StageVideo, I have a problem trying to follow the tutorial and guides posted about it. In particular, the part where I need to import flash.events.StageVideoAvailabilityEvent. It simply does not exist as Flash Builder flags things related to it as invalid types. How come the tutorials have no problem accessing that package? What's the fix for this?


      On reading and loading files, I basically made my own AS3 class to handle loading a playlist file of my own. However, in my design I need to be able to throw custom events to the user of my class. I've searched how to this and stumbled upon the proper way of doing it -- by creating a class that extends to the Event class and by creating a dispatcher on the one creating the event. However,  I have another missing package! Now, FB could not find mx.utils.Delegate. The flash.events.EventDispatcher.initialize() method is not there as well.


      Are all these things intentionally left out in the Hero SDK?

      Will I need to go back to released SDKs prior to Hero to solve all of these (except for StageVideo support)?


      Thanks in advance.