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    Flash for e-learning possible?

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      Hey guys and gals,


      I have a question regarding e-learning.  I have a basic understanding of flash and am in college for web design so I know my way around a bit but fairly new to Flash.


      I need to make a online e-course for my client which consists of content via video, audio or powerpoint presentation or pdf, and quizzes at the end which notifies someone of the answers and will take them back to missed areas.


      I know their are many solutions but I have Flash and would be more familiar with it than any third party type of program.  The problem I am running into is I don't know where to start or to get access to resources. All the books focus on motion tween and animating balls and things; I have built a basic website with flash but I don't know wehre to start in developing the course.


      Can this be done with Flash?  I know director used to do that, which I have, but that isn't popular (for lack of a better word).

      If there is a book(s) that addresses this or web tutorials that would help alot.  If you have some pointers or first steps that is awesome as well.


      What type of actions script terminolgy will I be using maybe I could google that for specific help that isn't related to every bouncing ball and banners that is so prevelant on the web.


      Thanks, it is much appreciated.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, you can probably use Flash for alot of what you intend to do.  You've identified a very broad set of needs so it isn't likely you are going to get much directed assistance here. One of the most fundamental and time consuming aspects of ANY project is the preparation/planning... the more prep you do, the streamlined it usually is to get the actual finished work done.  And sometimes that planning involves having to take the time to acquire the skills needed.  So hopefully your client isn't holding its breath.


          What you will need to do is break down your project into several projects, each tackling a particular aspect of your ultimate goal.


          You probably need to learn how to work with a database, possibly for several purposes.  So once you've determined you data storage needs, you could focus one learning goal on a Google search for "AS3 PHP MySQL tutorial".  If you intend to implement video and/or audio, similarly you would want to try searching Google using "AS3 video tutorial"... and so on.  And you are likely to run into simpler matters of programming that won't have tutorials available to help, so you will be left to your own programming abilities to figure out how to resolve.

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