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    Export Release Build outside of Workspace?




      I've imported a Flash Catalyst FXP into Flash Builder for the purposes of adding basic full screen functionality.  The project is meant to run in Flash Player, and it contains several FLVs.  I am able to successfully export a release build with full functionality, however, if I move the release folder to a location OUTSIDE of the Workspace folder, the FLVs no longer play when called in Flash Player.  It is as if the pointers can't find the FLV files, even though they have been copied locally to the bin-release folder (/assets/media).  Everything else in the project appears to work fine.


      I'm working in Mac OSX 10.6.6, Flash Builder 4.0.1, and Flash Catalyst 1.0.0.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I'm happy to supply more details if necessary.


      Thanks in advance!