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    AE CS5 crashes on opening a project

    dan_hin Level 1

      Hi all (again),


      I'm working on a project which, fortuately, has been rendered without an issue. Fingers crossed, it won't need to be returned to!


      It's rendered fine, although multiprocessing was disabled during rendering due to a plugin (which I'm going to assume was Kronos; just because it's been incredibly buggy in my experience). When the multiprocessing was disabled, windows reported the close of the processes as a crash. Still, it all rendered fine.


      Now when I go to open the project it crashes about a second after loading. I've attached the error message below.


      Has anyone encountered this before? It's not critical *now* but if I can't go back and amend work from a previously fine project then that gives me serious cause for concern going forward. Hell, it doesn't even matter what's causing the fatal error - I need whatever the issue is to be flagged when it occurs - not when I'm powerless to debug the project because I can't open it.


      Incidentally I've tried loading the project with capslock on and off - it doesn't seem to make a difference.


      Is there any way I can get into the project without loading plugins?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          One of your project items is damaged and the crash occurs in MediaCore when it attempts to bypass it. I recommend you flush the media cache, trashing the prefs and also consider reinstalling AE. Also move all files involved in the project to a different location so the project opens with them all missing. you can easily relink them later. If Kronos may be corrupting the project, I would inquire with the Foundry for the latest version and also licensing issues. Sometimes licenses that have run out prevent a product from working and then drag down everything. Since the plug-in uses CUDA, naturally also graphics card issues may figure in...