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    motion ease not working


      Hi, I have created a motion tween in Flash and want to slow the speed of the tween towards the end, so my image doesnt stop suddenly. I applied a slow ease which was working previously but has now decided to stop working and I cannot get it to work again. The strange thing is when I change the ease value from 100 to -100, so the ease is applied to the start of the motion, that works fine, but when I change it back to 100 the ease wont apply to the end of the motion


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          nocturnal YL Level 1

          Ease applies to the entire classic/shape tween, not part of it.


          100 means move more at the beginning (stop slowly), -100 means move more at the end (stop abruptly).


          If you want the object to move slowly at both ends, break the tween into two tweens by inserting a keyframe in the middle, apply 100 ease at the latter half and -100 ease at the first half.

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            Lee@foremost Level 1

            Thank you for your reply, unfortunately that isnt my problem. What I am seeing is that the ease will not apply to the motion when the value is set to 100. I did a test by changing the value to -100 to see if the ease would apply at all, which worked and the motion eased in. This isnt what I want however, I want the motion to ease out, but cannot get it to do so.

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              you try to use methods of easing in it.

              you create a variable of type Tween.

              then you create a function in which there are variables.

              as an example I created in AS 3.0 a variable

              inTween = new Tween (pic_mc, "y", Back.easeOut, 0,250,1, true);

              and do not forget to import a class :


              import fl.transitions.Tween;
              import fl.transitions.easing.*;