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    Premiere Elements 8 minimizes when I try to open a recent project

    PlushKat Level 1

      I edit once a week and it opened last week but opened and minimized this week.  This computer is used strictly for editing a weekly video from church and nothing else.  It has done this in the past but always got over its little temper tantrum and came up within a reasonable period of time.  Now it is not.  I've been trying for three days to get my "template" to come up so I can create a new video for this week.  I don't currently have the Elem8 software available to reinstall or uninstall.  Can I just install Elem9 and still use the "template" I have been using every week to create the video I need for church?


      Thanks again for all your help in the past and I hope you can help me again.  If not, I won't be able to get the video out this week and that will make 150 people wait for it until I can figure out what to do.