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    Property not found (member) on a sprite

    Russel Kane

      Hey, I have the following script on a sprite:

      property pMyMemberCount, pMyMember, MySpriteNum


      on beginSprite me
        MySpriteNum = me.spriteNum
        pMyMemberCount = 1


      on exitframe me
        pMyMemberCount = (pMyMemberCount mod 2) + 1
        pMyMember = "GravPush"&pMyMemberCount

        MySpriteNum.member = member(pMyMember)



      Which is meant to change the member of a sprite between 2 images in the cast which I've named "GravPush1" and "GravPush2".

      Whenever I go to run the movie I get an error:

      Script Error: Property not found

      MySpriteNum.member = member(pMyMember)



      Does anyone know how do I fix this? Thanks