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    Component event


      What event happens when a component shows on the screen?  I've tried show(), focusIn(), and  updateComplete(), which don't work, and can't find anything else that seems to be what I'm looking for.


      The component has already been initialized.

      creationComplete is already complete.


      The components are in a ViewStack controlled by a TabNavigator.  I realize I can detect the index change of either the tabNavigator or the viewstack, but that requires sending a message to the component... I want the component to know Itself that it is now "showing".  The show() event seems the obvious choice, but the docs say it triggers when a component goes from invisible to visible, so I guess even though it's not showing, its not invisible.


      Each time the user clicks a tab to change the selectedChild in the viewStack, (each child is a separate custom component), I want that component to "know" that it is now being shown.