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    create a blog with coldfusion

    namtax Level 1

      i am looking to create a blog on my website, and am thinking its best to put all my entries into a database, so I can allow for comments on entries etc..

      However, I am aware that blogs often contain images and alternating design, and wondered how to accomadate this considering all my blog entries will be held in the database.

      For example, if I was to create all my blog entries free hand directly onto the page, I could align my images where I like etc, whereas I wouldnt have this freedom if outputting all my blog entries from a database..


      <cfoutput query="blog">
      <p>#blog entry</p>

      would it be viable to set out the way I would like the blog entry to look free hand first, and then post all code into the database, including code for images etc..

      just wonderin how others do it..