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    Dynamic Link Audio Troubleshooting- Premier to After Effects CS5



        My name is Alley and I've been working on a project in After Effects CS5 using dynamic linked sequences from premier. I've been in this project for a good two weeks without any major problems concerning the dynamic link. When I open the project on another computer, however, sometimes there is audio missing from some of the sequences. I look in the premier project and sure enough the audio is all there, no keyframes or anything and it plays back fine. It just won't appear in After Effects even after a render. I know it probably has something to do with the different computers but I don't know if anyone else has ever had this problem before and if you found a solution.


      • Both computers are Mac OS X Versions 10.6.6 2x2.8 GHz Quad-Cores

      • After Effects and Premier are CS5 versions, completely updated

      • There are no errors or warnings popping up within the programs

      • All Dynamic Linked sequences are 2 minutes tops although there are a multiple of them

      • Not ALL the sequences have the audio problem, it seems to be random


      I can't wrap my brain around how two nearly identical computers with the same versions of both programs are getting different results with the audio in the dynamic link sequence... Help me out?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Quicktime! The versions of Quicktime and or even just some QT component/CoDec may be different between the computers. Also keep in mind, that your alternate computer may in fact require you to explicitly open the project in Premiere to conform the audio properly first. If that hasn't happened, AE may simply not be able to use some tracks as it will expect a conformed audio file. This is critical especialyl with compressed formats. It may even require you to re-render the Premiere timeline on the second computer...



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            Alley.Gogeri Level 1

            Thank you! That might be the problem. And I've noticed on all our projects and computers, if we use Dynamic Link, we have to have the linked project open in the background in order for After Effects to even open the project. Thanks for your quick reply! I bet it is a QT component! I'll start going in and trying to fix it!