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    Runtime ParsleyModuleManager for message interception

    Joan Llenas Level 1


      ( using Flex 4.1, Cairngorm 3 Module library and Parsley 2.3 )

      I'm trying to send a message to a ModuleViewLoader instance before it has been completely loaded.

      I am doing it using with a ModuleMessageInterceptor that wraps a Message type annotated with [ModuleID] (because I want to send messages to instances).

      I think I get the theory but I'm unable to achieve my goal.


      Something that may be problematic is the fact that I am creating the ParsleyModuleManager instances at runtime, not with the ParsleyModuleDescriptor tag.

      An example:


      var menuModuleManager:ParsleyModuleManager = new ParsleyModuleManager(




                          null, null


      var menuLoader:ModuleViewLoader = new ModuleViewLoader();

      menuLoader.moduleId = menuDescriptor.menuUID;



      dispatcher(new SetMenuDescriptorMessage(menuDescriptor.menuUID, menuDescriptor));


      I have also tried to mimmic the ParsleyModuleDescriptor tag logic in order to add the menuModuleManager instance to the context but it didn't work either.

      I appreciate any help on this.