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    Reader X and printing issues


      This past weekend I updated  Acrobat on my wife's computer (Windows XP SP3).  I uninstalled Acrobat  9, downloaded and installed Acrobat X.  Everything seemed to work, I get  a frantic phone call Wednesday night from my wife (we are trying to  sell my house 40 miles away and I'm house sitting...), when she prints a  PDF form from the web, the printing is screwed up, the original font  appears to have some italics, that was changed to some sort of bold font  that is compressed horizontally, the kerning looks weird as well.  It  looks okay on the screen but totally screwed up on the printed page.


      So Wednesday night, I use her laptop that hasn't been updated (thankfully), downloaded and printed the page and it looks fine.


      I  had her test the same functionality on her work computer and the same  thing happens.  I also updated her work computer (from Acrobat 8) the  same weekend <sigh>.


      Does anyone have a clue?

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          NZ Chris

          I am having the same problems. Windows XP SP3 & HL LaserJet 2200 printer. Adobe Acrobat X is messing up the fonts and substituting different fonts. Some documents will print readably, others garbage. I am rolling back to version 9 until they get this fixed!

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            We have the same problem where I work except we are only using Adobe Reader X and not Acrobat.  An employee upgraded to Adobe Reader X and has reported a problem with the fonts changing when printing.  Our application is accessed through the browser and renders the image as expected on the screen, but the fonts change when printing. 


            We have Windows XP the printers vary in make and model, but the majority are network printers.


            I'll be interested in watching this thread to see what fix is offered other than rolling back to Adobe 9

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              DanReyland Level 1

              Hi Guys,


              Had the same problem at a client site and it was driving me crazy.  Turns out that its a very simple fix.  Under Preferences in the General tab, take a tick out of Enable Protected Mode at startup.


              Once I did that on all client computers they printed fine to all printers.


              Hope that helps some people.