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    Combo box and Grid Loading is Slow Asynchronously Why???

    M Atif Agha



      I am doing an Enterprise Application in Flex-LCDs-Java.

      All was going well,

      but suddenly when i had made a complete module of it, in next module, i loaded the data in combo box, dynamically using data service, there are 6 million records which need to be added,

      backend db is sql server, sql fetches information of 6 million records with in 9 to 13 seconds, where as flex combo box takes 3 minutes to load the same data, now the question can be, java is slow, but ofcourse this is not, because if i test it in java compiler, java takes the same time which sql server takes to load data, but may be some thing wrong in technique or lcd or blaze ds is weak in such case.


      For Flex

      I am using Flash Builder 4 with LCDs, and this is the code




      x="213" y="52" id="comboBox" creationComplete="comboBox_creationCompleteHandler(event)" labelField="text">

      <s:AsyncListView list="{fetchYarnArrivalResult.lastResult}" />






      function comboBox_creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):




      fetchYarnArrivalResult.token = contactService.fetchYarnArrival();






      For Java,


      A simple ArrayList of Class having an Id and a name, nothing else.


      fetchYarnArrival is a function which brings data from database and loads in ArrayList and return it at the end.



      Please let me know, how to speed up these combo boxes, same thing happens with data grid.