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    Preload external images


      I am trying to create a short movie which loops through 4 different images from an external source. These images are overwritten each week with a new image with the same dimensions etc. So by pulling in these images my movie will also update each week without me having to touch it.
      I have created the movie by adding a movie clip named 'paper' to frame 1 of my movie and adding the actionscript:
      paper.loadMovie(" http://etc etc"); to the same frame.
      At my next keyframe I change the actionscript to call in the next of the 4 images and so on.

      This works fine but when viewing the movie there is a delay between my movie reaching the keyframe and the image loading meaning I get a blank page for a moment.

      If there anyway I can preload the images? It seems to want to reload the image everytime I add a new key frame.