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    DNG Converter/ Camera Raw for CS3 (D3000)


      1. I have a Nikon D3000

      2. I have CS3

      3. I took 3 graduation pictures and  set of engagement pics in RAW

      4. I am trying to convert them so I can open them up in CS3 because naturally Raw files cannot open up in CS3.   I downloaded MULTIPLE DNG convertors. From recent to not so recent. On all of them I am able to see the menu....but right when i click select files ALL of my .nef pics are grey and unclickable.


      PLEASE HELP ME. I am miserable using other peoples computer.


      SIDENOTE: I tried to also put camera raw on CS3 . I put the correct version for my camera and it still didn't work. My main goal is to use Camera Raw for editing.


      once again...please help