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    Opening a browser inside a flash application

    Sid Freeman

      Hi my organization is in the process of building a touchscreen interactive kiosk. We've designed a flash application to run on the kiosk

      to display information about our business, our publications, etc. We'd also like to be able to access our website through the flash application. We're having trouble figuring out how to do that effectively. The best we can do is to have the application launch Internet Explorer in a seperate window. This isn't so bad if we run IE in kiosk mode, however it becomes difficult/impossible to navigate back to the flash application (or to close the browser) without a mouse and keyboard (which users won't have access to).


      Wondering if there's a way to open or access a browser inside of the actual flash application, so users can access the flash menu, home buttons, etc and easily navigate back to the information contained in the rest of the flash application. I hope my question is clear.




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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you can do some things with your web site inside your flash app but because flash has support for limited html tags and other code that may affect your web site's appearance, you're not likely to find the results satisfactory.

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            adninjastrator Level 4

            Well how about this for another option:

            Sort of turn the issue around... display Flash inside a Web brower.....You display the entire presentation inside a Web page... which just happens to have your Flash application as part of that Web page. This would give you both FULL Flash interaction as well as FULL HTML interaction.... your Web site could be displayed inside a page with an iframe. That page would provide easy navigation back to the Flash page/application using meta refresh (which retreives a different Web page after a set period of time) and then your Flash could go thru and play for a set time and use setInterval to fire off a request for the Web site page after a certain length of time...

            Or something like that... it was not clear when/how you wanted to open your Web site.

            Best wishes,


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              Hi Sid Freeman,

              did you get solution for this?

              i am also fine for this.